Hey guys, just to be straight up and transparent with you I wanted to provide a disclaimer about affiliate links!

Affiliate marketing
So affiliate marketing is very big, almost every blogger uses it. Simply its just a special link we have and if you buy anything through our link we make a small commission from it. So, some of my posts do contain affiliate links in them. However, I will ALWAYS state it at the beginning of the post because there’s nothing to hide! It’s also the law, according to FTC guidelines bloggers need to provide a disclaimer when anything is an ad, sponsored or affiliate links are being used.

So what does it mean if you buy from my affiliate link?
It’s the same as buying from an ad you see on Google or searching up a product yourself. The only difference is that I will receive a very very small commission from it. For example, if something I link from Target is $20 I get a few cents, maybe $1.00 from it so it’s nothing drastic and it varies depending on the company and the item.

Does this impact you?
Absolutely NOT!! Buying through any of my links has no impact on you or the cost of your item. Some people might think just because someone receives a commission that the price will be higher for the buyer, and that’s 100% false. It just simply gives me a small commission to help me keep this site up and running!

Do you actually like those products?
Yes!! Guys real talk, I only ever put affiliate links for items I own or something I’ve looked into and believe is a good product. I don’t receive any of those products for free and I have no obligation to write about any affiliate products. They are simply products that relate to my blog post so I make a shoppable carousel so it’s easier for people to click and buy if you want to!

Please note that not all links are affiliate links and all opinions are honest and my own. I only link products I truly believe in or have used in the past!