20 Best Bedroom Decor Ideas

Thinking of new ways to decorate your bedroom and make it look pretty? This article’s just for you! I love decorating my room whether it’s my apartment or my freshman year dorm room. Most of these items are affordable at $20 or under! Some are above $20 but I tried to keep this as cheap as possible. So here are some of my favorite ways to add home decor to a room!

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1. String Lights


String lights are my favorite way to decorate any room because there are so many styles and options to choose from! You can get flashing colorful lights or star-shaped white lights. I currently have mine as a rectangular border around my bed, but you can line your whole room with them as well.

To Buy: $13.99;

2. Tapestry


This was my favorite piece of decor for my freshmen year dorm room. If you’re into a boho look definitely invest in a cute tapestry. I love the ones from Amazon because they’re great quality but half the price!

To Buy: $14.99;

3. Cinema Light Box


Do you have an empty shelf or is your desk is looking a little empty? Put up a lightbox! These are great cause you can write your favorite quote and change it whenever you want.

To Buy: $15.95;

4. Felt Letter Sign


If you want to add a quote decor item to your room but don’t want anything that involves batteries then a felt letter sign is a great option. Simply use the letters provided to write anything on your sign and pop it up in any open space.

To Buy: $18.95;

5. Wire Wall Grid


A wire wall grid is a great addition above your desk or empty wall space. You can add polaroids, pictures, accessories, and other clip-on items to decorate it.

To Buy: $19.99;

6. Gallery Wall


I have a mini gallery wall above my desk and I love the look of it. It can also be really inexpensive if you do it yourself. Simply print some quotes and buy picture frames from the dollar store and use command strips to hang them up.

7. Wall Shelves


I also have wall shelves up next to my bed since that wall was pretty empty and I put some fake succulents on them. Wall shelves are so cute and a perfect way to add decor without cluttering your room.

To Buy: $18.99;

8. Plants


There’s nothing I love more than a scenic, plant-filled bedroom! You can buy floor pants and also hanging plants and it adds some pretty life to your room. I also love decorating my room with fake succulent plants on my desk and shelves.

To Buy: $19.99;

9. Neon Signs


If you’re into light decor then try hanging a neon sign on your walls or empty shelves. You can also find tons of different styles and shapes such as a cactus or a cloud shape!

To Buy: $13.98;

10. Cozy Bedding


There’s nothing I love more than shopping for bedding. You can either get something super simple or colorful and patterned. I personally love the look of a clean white comforter with printed sheets. This listing breaks our little under $20 rule but bedding is usually pretty expensive so these prices are actually a steal!

To Buy (Comforters): $26.99;
To Buy (Sheets): $24.99;

11. Throw Pillows


Throw pillows are a great and fun way to add some decoration to your room. I currently have a good vibes and cactus-shaped throw pillow on my bed (can you tell I’m obsessed with cactus). My favorite place to buy them is Amazon because they have so many options to choose from for less than $10!

To Buy: $8.99;

12. Garland


Garland is a great decor item to put around your bed frame or on blank walls to fill up space. You can get a vine or floral garland depending on the look you’re looking for, and even use it as a photo backdrop.

To Buy: $14.99;

13. Shaggy Rug


What’s not to like about a super soft fur rug? Faux fur of course! Put this shaggy white rug by your bedside to give your room a clean and cozy vibe. My favorite part about shaggy rugs is that they make the perfect backdrop for flay lays and Instagram pictures!

To Buy: $19.99;

14. Accent Chair


A nice accent chair can add some color and style to your room. Not only that but it’s a great place to read a book or write in your planner! I’ve been loving the look of oversized plush saucer chairs. They’re so cozy and cute to add to an empty corner of your room. The one I have linked below is at a major discount, only $7!!

To Buy: $7.00;

15. Flower Headboard


As you can tell by now I love bedroom decor with plants, but can you blame me? They add so much life and color to a room! I’ve seen flower headboards all over Tumblr and Pinterest and I’m obsessed with this idea. This is a great bedroom decor DIY project that you can find easy tutorials for on Youtube and Pinterest.

To Buy: Check out your nearest Dollar Tree!

16. Polaroids


Polaroids are the perfect bedroom decor for small rooms because they barely take up any space. You can tell a whole story through pictures and make your room look beautiful! My favorite look is to have polaroids hanging up on string with mini clothespins.

To Buy: $49.95;

17. Chalkboard Wall


I used to see this all the time back in 2012 Tumblr and I love it! A chalkboard wall is a great addition to any wall of your room that has nothing on it. You can either buy chalkboard paint or a self-adhesive decal for smaller sections. Make sure to look on Pinterest for inspiration on what to draw but you can do anything such as draw a design or write a quote.

To Buy: $14.49;

18. Record Player


Not only is a record player a seriously cute addition to any bedroom but it’s a great way to listen to music. You can recreate the picture above in a corner of your room with your record player and vinyl collection!

To Buy: $69.00;

19. Mirrors


You can either have one full body mirror in your room for your day to day outfit pictures or a bunch of small ones! Mirrors are great because they come in a ton of different designs and shapes so you can hang them up anywhere to add more decor to your room.

To Buy: $24.00;

20. Collage Wall


Lastly, if you’re big on pictures then a photo or collage wall is for you. You can do this a lot of different ways and styles. You can use regular printed photos, magazine pages, polaroid pictures, and even posters. Simply place as many photos as you can on one part of your wall, trying to keep them close together so there’s no space between them.

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks blog post and found some decoration inspo! Thank you so much for reading. Have any other ideas for room decor? Comment them below down!

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  1. Love this post! You hit the mark when it comes to modern room designs! You got the flowers, the plants, the shelves, everything. Love it!

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed

  2. Wow! Love these ideas! Definitely my style. Hopefully I can incorporate them!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this! Hopefully it helps 🙂

  3. I love your ideas for decorating a room. I love the string lights and the wall grid ideas. So cute!

    1. Thank you! I personally love both of those as well. There’s different ways to style each of them which is great! ☺️

  4. These are all such great ideas. I love them all!

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading, I appreciate it

  5. Love all those ideas. gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much for reading!! ☺️

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