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How To Become A Paid Instagram Influencer

Hey guys and welcome to part two of my how to be a paid influencer blog post series. Today’s blog post will be some more information about working on social media for compensation and some tips. If you guys are interested in part 1 you can read it here. Now let’s get into this blog post and I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Gaining Experience and Establishing Credibility

One of the best tools in business is your credibility. You can say whatever you want but if you don’t have results to show, your words don’t mean much to brands. So, the same thing goes for influencers on Instagram. You need to gain experience before trying to score big brands and demand high compensation. This is similar to building up your resume so you need to land some internships before you can score the big job.

So when I get into contact with brands I include my past experience and where they can find my work. This establishes my credibility and gives the brand an idea of the type of work I create. A lot of my initial experience was from Tumblr and I worked with hundreds of brands since that’s where I started off. I was 15 years old and at one point receiving 5+ packages a day and over $500 a month. Some of these brands included Daniel Wellington, Caseapp, Romwe, and Shein.

Gifted Offers Vs Paid Collaborations

A lot of my first collaborations were also unpaid and I just received products in exchange for a Tumblr post. Since I was young and fairly new to the game this was fine for me. I know a lot of people say not to do collaborations that only give free products and no compensation; however, I think it’s fine to work in exchange for products. Especially for new bloggers and influencers who don’t have a lot of experience or followers. This is a great way to build up your “resume” and the more popularity and experience you get, the more value you add to brands.

When you’re doing product exchange types of collaborations, only accept products you really like and are worth promoting. I only accepted more pricey products and only gave one Tumblr post in exchange. I wouldn’t do multiple posts for no compensation or a product only worth $10. That to me isn’t a fair business deal but this is all personal preference!

Don’t Work For Free!

I know I just said that working for no compensation is fine when you start off however, there are some exceptions. Never accept a deal if a brand is asking you to pay for the item or shipping. That’s not business, it’s a free handout. Your time is valuable and if you are working for free products in exchange for an Instagram post, you shouldn’t be paying a cent. I also don’t believe brands that say you will only have to pay once and next time it’s on them. If a brand wants to work with you, they would send the products for free or offer compensation. Most likely once you pay for the product and promote them, they won’t work with you in the future.

Do Your Research

I mostly work through apps and agencies that ensure brands will pay me after I post content for them. However, I have worked with brands who have reached out to me via email offering compensation in exchange for a feature on my Instagram. Always make sure these offers are legit and do your research!

For example, I once had a PR company reach out to me to work with one of their very big and well-known clients. I almost thought it was fake until I did my research. I found the person contacting me on LinkedIn and the company’s website to confirm her credentials and email. Since I was getting paid directly by them through PayPal they had set up a contract and I created a PayPal invoice for them to pay.

If you’re posting about a brand before getting paid, always make sure there is a contract! If a legit, well-known company doesn’t make contracts I would be skeptical of that because that’s their legal team’s job.

That’s it for this weeks blog post, I hope this helped you guys out! If you have any questions or other tips make sure to comment them below.

I post new blog posts every Wednesday mornings so keep an eye out for the third part of this series. It talks all about pitching yourself to brands and how I land all my collaborations. I even include the exact email I send that convinces brands to work with me.

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  1. Good information! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. I agree! It sounds fair initially if you are offered a product for an honest review. And I am not in favor of paying for reviewing – that’s just shady! I never knew much about Tumblr but your post has me interested. I’m going to try doing some research myself. THANKS!

    1. Yes, that’s my #1 rule- never pay for collaborations because then that’s not a business deal! Thank you for reading 🙂

  3. This is a goal of mine so thank you for the thoughtful information!

    1. Good luck with everything!

  4. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well. Thanks for sharing this information. Thanks for the tutorial.

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