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10 Healthy Habits To Start In 2020

The new year is filled with setting goals, forming new healthy habits and making changes. With today being the first day of 2020 I wanted to share 10 of my favorite tips and habits to get into. These are some great ways to start 2020 off on the right foot and have a successful year!

10 Healthy habits for a successful 2020 new year

1. Learn To Be On Your Own

Tip number one is to learn to be happy and comfortable on your own. When I say this I don’t mean be a loner and never socialize or go out. This just means that sometimes it’s okay to be alone. You don’t have to attend every event or go out to every dinner with your friends. It’s okay to say no and just relax and have a self-care day. Let’s start off 2020 with being more independent, trust me it’s a great habit to get into. Try running errands alone and start to feel more comfortable with the idea of being a boss babe by yourself. It’s okay to want other people’s company but don’t solely depend on others!

2. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t let irrational fears hold you back because that’s no way for a boss babe to live her best life! This is something I work on every day and it’s still something I struggle with; However, I’m hoping 2020 will be the year of change for me (and you). I personally find it hard to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to my blogging. It’s hard for me to attend blogger hosted events alone and I feel awkward when I’m posing in public for pictures. What we all need to realize is that we will miss amazing opportunities if we stay in our safety bubble. It’s time to take charge of your own life and care less about what everyone else thinks. Everyone will have an opinion on you but it doesn’t mean you have to listen to them.

3. Set Small and Realistic Goals

Instead of setting these huge, hard to maintain goals, set ones that are do-able no matter how small you think they are. Smart goal planning is essential if you want to stick to your goals and end up achieving them. They can be as simple as making your bed every morning or going to all your classes. Or you can set weekly work goals for yourself such as completing tasks within a specific timeframe. No matter what your goals are just make sure they are realistic and attainable for you! If you’re someone who never works out and has no desire to, then it doesn’t make sense to make one of your goals to lose 50 pounds by the end of January.

4. Set boundaries

So many people go through life without setting any boundaries in a friendship, relationship, workplace or with family members. Make 2020 the year you learn to set those healthy boundaries. If someone does something that annoys you and you let them get away with it every time, they’ll continue those habits. If from the beginning you communicate to people what you’re comfortable with and what’s not acceptable, it’s less likely for those problems to occur in the future.

5. Use A Planner

I am a huge planner person and I feel like it keeps me organized but also makes me more productive. When it comes to planners you don’t need a fancy Kate Spade planner (unless you want one). You can simply head to target or amazon and grab one for less than $10! This is the one I bought for 2020 and I’m obsessed with it. Once you find a planner you like, I recommend writing all your plans, deadlines, literally everything in one spot. I write when I’m posting blog posts, Instagram content deadlines, homework due dates, exam dates for school and days I have work. Make it a habit to check your planner every morning and night to make sure you’ve accomplished what you had to for the day. I also suggest making lists when you have a lot due and feel overwhelmed. Even if it’s something small just add it to your list and check it off as you go along, this seriously makes me feel so much less stressed and also more productive.

6. Worry About You, Not Others

When I say this I don’t mean only care about yourself and hurt others along the way. No, I mean don’t take to heart what others have to say and practice building mental toughness. People will talk about you regardless but even more when you are thriving and living your best life. So simply don’t get involved in drama and if people are negative and throwing out bad vibes that’s on them! You do your own thing and watch as you continue to be content with life and thrive while everyone doubting you will stay in their negative bubble.

7. Be More Positive

It sounds simple but this is definitely a hard one to do. Looking back two years ago I feel like I was a pretty grumpy, anger-filled 19-year-old. Now, at 21, I’ve been working hard these past few years to be the complete opposite. This has made such a drastic difference in my mood, personality, and mental health. Start being grateful and acknowledging all the good in your life instead of the bad, and surround yourself with like-minded positive people. Try to keep a journal and writing down daily affirmations and practice the concept of putting out good energy into the universe. I am such a big believer of the concept that you attract what you put out and all the good that comes with being a positive person. I even wrote a whole blog post about this topic in more detail that you can read here.

8. No More Procrastination

If you have time to do something today then do it today, no more of having that “I’ll just do it tomorrow” mindset. This is important for anyone but especially my fellow college students. It’s a really good habit to get into in your 20’s and continue implementing it in your life as you grow older and enter the workforce. You don’t know what tomorrow brings and you can easily keep pushing tasks off for multiple days.

9. Stop Making Excuses For Others

This is something very big and something I continue to struggle with as well. This can pertain to relationships and friendships, but making excuses for why someone isn’t treating you right is destructive and unhealthy. You should not be making excuses for people who treat you bad! If someone doesn’t want to make time for you or respect you then that’s on them. There’s no excuse and no reason to keep a dying friendship or relationship alive when you’re the only one putting in the effort. Please try to start off 2020 with this at the front of your mind and you will notice how many people are in your life simply because you are the only one putting in the effort.

10. Drop The Idea Of “FOMO”

Fomo means the fear of missing out, a concept very familiar among college students. I was never someone to experience FOMO simply because I knew I had a lot of other priorities and my schedule was different than my friends. It’s honestly one of my favorite habits because I’ve seen how this need to never miss out on anything impacts people in a negative way. I’ve seen tons of people who simply can’t say no to going out. If their friends are going somewhere they have to tag along even if they have school or other priorities. In 2020 let’s focus on ourselves and drop this unhealthy mindset! Everyone’s schedule varies and it’s okay to turn down plans every once in a while, you can always catch up with your friends at another time. Focus on your goals and what needs to get done and start prioritizing yourself!

I hope you guys enjoyed my top 10 best habits to get into in 2020! Keep in mind that these are habits you can start at any time, not just the new year. If you guys are looking for more healthy habits you can check out my 5 healthy morning habits blog post here. Have any other tips for success and starting the new year off right? Make sure to leave your tips in the comments below!

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  1. This is a great list! I all about it in 2020. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you for reading! I hope the new year treats you well

  2. Love all of these habits, especially the one about putting off for tomorrow what you could do today. I’m so guilty of that, and it absolutely needs to change! Thank you so much for the reminder! Looking forward to reading more in 2020 🙂

    1. So glad I could help, thank you for reading!

  3. I love this list! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed!!

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