10 tips for a successful semester in college

10 Tips For A Successful Semester

Hey guys and welcome back to another college edition blog post! I have one more semester left so I feel like I have tons of experience and insight to offer. The beginning of a new semester is my favorite time because it’s a fresh start. You can throw out any doubt and bad habits from last semester and start again. I want you guys to succeed this semester and continue thriving throughout your college careers. So here are 10 of my best tips for the start of the semester that all straight-A students should follow!

1. Write Down Everything

Make lists of assignments due, exams, doctors appointment, uploading blog posts, days you’re working, literally everything. The school year can be very hectic so start pre-planning before class even starts. Begin by writing down everything you know that’s happening and add new deadlines along the way. The first of every month I go through all my syllabus and write down all my obligations and due dates. This way I know when somethings due ahead of time and I can cross tasks off along the way. If you guys are looking for a new planner this is the one I use and I’m obsessed with!

2. Calculate Financial Obligations

If you’re like me and pay your own tuition then I recommend making a list of everything you need for school and how much it costs. Make sure to include all the textbooks you definitely need, software and supplies. Before school starts, I calculate the cost of everything and then over the next few weeks I start saving money. This way I can pick up extra shifts at work and when it comes time to buy everything I won’t be scrambling to have enough money in my bank account.

3. Build Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand means getting yourself out there and differentiating yourself from others. There are thousands of people graduating with the same degree as you and competing for the same jobs, so it’s essential for you to stand out. Before the start of the semester think about what you will do that will help you stand out to employers. Plan to attend networking events, maintain a high GPA, start an internship, connect with potential employers through LinkedIn, update your resume, and so on. By planning ahead you can ensure you won’t miss any deadlines and you’re ready to take advantage of every opportunity.

4. Don’t Fall Behind

It’s so easy to fall behind in college and once you do it feels almost impossible to catch up. A new semester is a fresh start, and a chance to stay on top of your work from the beginning. From day one keep organized, hand in homework on time, start preparing for exams a week in advance and ask for help when you need it.

5. Think About The Bigger Picture

Countless times I’ve heard professors ask students what they want to do post-graduation and they have no answer. If you don’t know as a freshman or sophomore, that’s understandable but the closer you get to graduation the less time you have to figure it out. I don’t mean to say this to scare you, this is a gentle push so you can start thinking now. If you want a job post-graduation you need to know exactly what you like and don’t like. What type of business will you create? What type of lawyer will you be? Ideally, what company do you want to work for as an accountant?

For example, I’m a marketing major which is very broad however I know I want to go into digital marketing. Ideally, in five years, I see myself as a digital marketing manager. Of course, that can change but for now, that’s my goal. This is a heavy question but if you spend your summer looking through different jobs you can get with your degree and narrowing it down to what you enjoy and are best at, it will help you in the long run.

6. Set Realistic Goals

I know we hear it all the time, especially during the new year and some of us find this task very daunting but it shouldn’t be. Goal setting should be something you do constantly because goals should be small and realistic. You have to work your way up to the big goals after you’ve achieved everything in between. For example, it would be unrealistic for me to say I want to have over 100,000 readers a month by the end of January when I only made this blog a few months ago. It would make more sense for me to make it a goal to post a new blog post every week and in return, I can gain more readers.

Your goals can be something as simple (but important) as drinking enough water or making your bed before class. Your goal can be to go to the gym once a week or maintain your 3.5 GPA. Don’t be too strict or hard on yourself because goal setting should be a lifelong habit, not just a one-time thing.

7. Don’t Forget Your Health

This is a big thing in college, a lot of us seem to get so caught up in school and neglect our physical and mental health. Don’t let this happen! Throughout the semester make sure to have self-care days, eat properly, and sleep well. All of these things affect how well you do in school. So, if you’re only getting four hours of sleep every night it will negatively impact you in the long run. Trust me, I understand how hectic college gets but try to make time for yourself. You might have to face a trade-off such as not going out one night but it’ll be worth getting those extra hours of sleep. I have a few physical and mental health-related blog posts you guys can check out. Read my workout routine here, healthy habits post here and the benefits of positive thinking here.

8. Meal Prep and Stock Up

I think a lot of us don’t realize how much time we take making food or deciding what to eat. So it’s a good idea before school even starts to make a Costco run and stock up on your favorites. Then when school begins in the beginning of each week simply make what you’re going to eat, or at least plan it out in your head, so you don’t take up extra time doing that. This is also great if you’re trying to eat healthy and save money so you aren’t tempted to eat out.

9. Plan Your Day Out In Advance

A great and time-saving habit to get into is setting everything up the night before. This includes preparing breakfast, planning your outfit, making a to-do list for the next day and having your backpack ready. This way you have more time in the morning to get ready and you’re less likely to forget something at home.

10. Create Relationships With Professors

The best time to start creating a real connection with your professors is the very first day of class. Try sitting closer to the front, making eye contact and answering questions. If you do this you will definitely stick out and professors are your best resource. If you talk and get to know them I’ve noticed professors tend to be more lenient. I’ve noticed the professors I’ve gotten to know have given me extensions under certain circumstances or even rounded my 93.6 to a 94 so I can get an A at the end of the semester. Of course, don’t take advantage of them but you can always use them as a connection or reference in the future.

These are the tips I incorporate every semester that help me achieve all my A’s and I hope they help you too! Have any other tips I haven’t mentioned? Make sure to comment them down below and help others out!

If you guys want to read my other college-related blog posts you can check out my “college” category. Also, you can keep up with me on Instagram!

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  1. As someone out of uni, I ahree these are good steps! Especially the health-physical and mental!

    1. Yess I feel like sometimes people forget about mental and physical health and it’s so important to keep those in check!

  2. Shara says:

    I agree 100% with all your tips! When I was in college I practiced most of these and did great! I definitely needed to build more of a personal brand and create better relationships with my professors. I definitely didn’t stand out by any means, but I had a lot of responsibilities while in college and that wasn’t my main goal. But definitely see it being beneficial! I did create relationships with my professors but could have done a better job. I love these tips and hope everyone who reads implements them for a great semester!

    1. Thank you so much for reading!

  3. that’s very helpful thanks for sharing 🙂

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