Here are all the products I have used and love that I’ve mentioned on my Instagram, blog, and Tiktok:

Tiktok video Amazon favs part 2:
White vanity and work desk
Glass meal prep containers
Bluetooth speaker
Scalp brush
Travel bottles

Tiktok video Amazon favs part 3:
Makeup brush cleaner
Lululemon sports bra dupe
Rose gold birthday balloon set

Tiktok video Amazon favs part 4:
Lululemon dupes *best ones, almost identical to aligns in look and feel*
Traveling shoe organizer
Nail polish remover kit
One line a day journal

Tiktok video Amazon favs content creator edition:
iPhone tripod with Bluetooth clicker
Canon m50 camera
Canon Bluetooth clicker
Canon/Nikon/Sony/DSLR camera tripod
Studio lights set of 2
128 GB memory card for camera

Tiktok video Amazon favs coffee lovers edition:
Espresso machine
Espresso shot glasses
Clear coffee mug
Milk frothing jug
Milk frother

Everything else:

Tripod with bluetooth clicker

Gallery Wall Frames

Macbook Marble Laptop Case

Lululemon Leggings Dupe

Desk Coffee Mug Warmer

Fabric Shaver

White Vanity Home Office Desk (I have it in white but if its sold out on Amazon you can check here)

White Desk Chair

Led Vanity Mirror

Electric Candle Lighter

Makeup Sponge Holder + Storage Pack

Rotating Skincare/Makeup Organizer

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Variety Pack

Clothing Rack

3 Tier Jewelry Organizer

Halloween Pumpkin Led Lights

Halloween Ghost Led Lights

Fall Leaves Lights

Pinched White Bedding

Acrylic Makeup Organizer


White Shaggy Rug