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How To Ace Online Classes

We’re definitely navigating some uncertain times with an unpredictable future during Covid-19. With that comes major changes including how students are learning. Most of us are doing either hybrid classes which include online and in-person lectures while some of us are completely online. Even though online classes are different, they definitly don’t have to be scary or affect you negatively. So, this week’s blog post will some of my best tips on how to be successful in your online classes.

how to ace online classes

Don’t Stay In Bed

I know how tempting it can be to just stay in bed when dealing with online classes but this is the last thing you want to do. I’m a big believer that your environment and workspace affect productivity levels. Your bed is associated with sleep, resting, and lounging around so that’s not the spot you want to be studying or attending lectures. Instead, find a spot in your house with a table and attend class there every morning. These circumstances are different but the best course of action is to try to keep some sense of stability.

Continue To Participate

I know this varies between schools and majors but participation was HUGE at my college. Even when we switched to online learning back in March my professors stressed how we need to continue participating. On zoom there are features such as a hand raising one that my professors utilized so if your school is big on participation make sure you’re still doing it. It’s easier to just sit with your mic off but it will benefit you in the end if you participate.

Don’t Toss Out The Planner

Just because classes are online doesn’t mean you won’t have work or you don’t have to be organized. I will admit I used my planner less last semester but I still used it. You will still have exams and assignments so utilize your planner to stay on top of your work. It’s easier now more than ever to get behind on your work since you’re managing yourself more but don’t let that happen! You guys can get some cute and cheap planners off of Amazon if you need a new one. These are my favorite: Planner 1 & Planner 2. Also if you sign up for Amazon prime student here you can get all your school essentials within 2 days + students get the first 6 months of prime at no cost!

Actually Attend Your Lectures

My school was very different from my friends, I was only allowed one unexcused absence, and my classes weren’t recorded. However, most of their lectures were recorded and their attendance policy was more lenient. If your school is like this make sure to still attend lectures regularly otherwise you’ll be too busy playing catch up the rest of the semester. If you choose to watch recorded lectures at a later time make sure you’re actively listening and taking notes so you understand the material and don’t have to keep rewatching it.

Don’t Treat It Differently

It’s easy to not take online classes seriously but I wouldn’t recommend that. Sure it might be a bit more lenient and maybe even easier for some of us but getting into a mindset that you don’t have to take your classes seriously just because they’re online is very counterproductive. The mindset you enter with will directly affect how well you perform. So make sure to pay attention during class, reach out to professors for help, and keep up with your work! If anything I think it’s easier to fall behind during online classes because you’re not constantly seeing other students or have professors reminding you of deadlines.

Put Away The Distractions

Just like you can’t be texting during regular class, make sure to put your phone away during online classes. I know how tempting it can be to check your texts or scroll through social media but if you aren’t actively paying attention it will only add to your stress in the future. It’s harder when you have to open Zoom up on your laptop because you can easily navigate to another website. So, this is something you have to learn to discipline yourself. Make sure to turn off notifications on your laptop so you don’t get text popups either.

Utilize Your Extra Time

Personally, I had a lot more time when we switched to remote classrooms because I saved time on commuting. So for my fellow commuters make sure to utilize your time efficiently. Plan your meals the day before so you don’t waste time that you could be using to study between classes. If your professors are being more lenient and giving less work make sure to use that time to study extra hard for exams. No more saving studying for the last minute, if you have the time to do it now you might as well!

Have Integrity

Guys, I know how easy it might be to cheat on exams now that classes are online but let’s talk about integrity for a second. I’m not here to lecture you or anything but hear me out. Most of us have a little more time than we used to, so why not use that extra time to study? Even if your exams aren’t proctored doesn’t mean you won’t get caught. If you get caught cheating in college the consequences will be more serious than they were in high school. Also, think about it like this- you’re paying thousands of dollars to take these classes and learn the material. If it’s a main class, chances are you’re going to have to know this material for your future career. If you cheat and don’t take the time to learn the material now, it will harm you in the future. At the end of the day, it’s your choice but I would recommend putting in the time and effort and treating classes like you would if they were in person!

These are 8 of my top tips on navigating online classes this semester. Have any other tips to share? Make sure to comment them below!

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  1. Great tips! It’s so easy to become distracted at home, so removing distractions is key. Great post!

    1. Thanks so much for reading!!

  2. Joy Muchangi says:

    This is great! I’m about to start my online classes be sure i will use the above tips you’ve mentioned especially to participate in the lectures and to treat the classes like any other classes! Nice post!

    1. Thank you! Good luck with your upcoming semester

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