how to get an internship in college

How To Land An Internship As A College Student

If you’re in college, chances are you’re going to need to get an internship at one point or another. Internships give you the ability to enhance current skills but also learn new ones. They even provide you with more experience and make your resume look better. There are tons of jobs for new college graduates that require at least 1 year of experience but that includes internships! So if you want to learn how to land an internship as a college student than just keep reading.

How to Land an Internship

You need to make sure your resume has keywords and no errors.

First things first, you need to brush up your resume. Don’t think of an internship any less than a regular job. If you hand them a resume that’s filled with grammatical errors or set up incorrectly, chances are the hiring manager is going to pass on hiring you. I have a whole blog post on resume building over here so make sure to check that out!

I would also recommend looking up “resume for _________ major” and fill in the blank with your major. For example, I would search up a resume for marketing major and I came across this article that’s really helpful! Once you have your resume all done and edited multiple times, make sure to convert it to a PDF so anyone is able to easily open it on their computer and it doesn’t mess up your format! Don’t send resumes as word documents because you don’t know which type of computer the person opening your resume has. Different computers and formats change how a resume looks on their computers versus yours.

Lacking experience? Here’s everything you can add to your resume if this is your first internship!

Relevant Classes + Activities:

Going off our first point, what if you have limited to no experience? Well, don’t worry because most college students, especially freshmen and sophomores, don’t have experience. Internships are there so you get that experience. However, this just means you have to show an internship why they should give you a chance! So, focus on classes you’ve taken that directly relate to your internship position. For example, I’m a marketing major and when I was looking for an internship in digital marketing I included that I’ve taken a social media marketing course since that directly correlates. You can also include any activities and clubs you’ve been involved with and awards you received.

Hard & Soft Skills:

Lastly, make sure to include relevant hard and soft skills. For example, I would include that I’m Google Analytics and Hubspot certified and possess strong written and leadership skills. You want to include skills that are relevant to your position. If you’re a law student, chances are your math skills aren’t going to be necessary for your job so no need to include that. By including all this information it helps the person get to know you a little bit more and trust that you can carry out the tasks assigned.

Start searching for your internships ahead of time.

Internships are very competitive nowadays so you want to make sure you’re planning ahead. For bigger companies, they have deadlines up to a year in advance. So if you want a summer internship for summer 2021 you would want to apply now. For medium-sized companies, you want to start applying 3-4 months in advance. Right now is the best time to apply for spring and summer 2021 internships. However, for every company, it’s different so make sure to look into it and make a document with all the deadlines.

Now, where do we actually start looking for these internships?

Job Sites:

So I would recommend starting off on to locate internships in your area. If you have a specific company in mind go to their website and you can usually find a form or contact email under their “contact” or “careers” section. If you aren’t able to find any information about internships for a company you really want to work at, try emailing them. Express how interested you are in working with them and a brief introduction about what you have to offer. Make sure to ask if they even have any spots available and attach your resume to the email as well.

Social Media:

Another great way to find internships is through Linkedin and Facebook. These social media sites are a great way to network and meet hiring managers or people who know them. You can join various career groups in your area and look out for postings. For example, I’m currently in a business women’s group for my city and local businesses always post open internships and jobs on there. You can also reach out to your school and see if their career services have any resources. I know my school always sends out emails for open internships and job positions. They also have a Facebook group where students post openings as well!

These are some of my tips to keep in mind when navigating the career world and landing that dream internship. If you guys have any other tips make sure to comment them down below to help others out!

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  1. These are great tips! Especially adding relevant classes and activities to your resume when you don’t have anything to really add! Starting early too. Most people wait til the last minute when a lot of positions are already filled.

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