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How To Pitch Yourself To Brands For Collaborations

I’m sure by now most of us have heard that story that went viral when a blogger asked to be hosted in a hotel. Long story short, last year a blogger asked for a complimentary hotel stay in exchange for promotion. The hotel decided to publically release this and the person she contacted was outraged that anyone would ask to stay for free.

While I don’t know everything about their conversation I do know tons of influencers, YouTubers and bloggers get free hotel stays in exchange for promotion. That’s how influencer marketing works. However, the way you pitch yourself makes a huge difference. If you sound like you’re asking for a freebie you’re not gonna get the collaborations you want. This isn’t just for hotel stays, it’s for any form of collaboration. Also, I personally haven’t even done compensated or gifted hotel stays, but I have done hundreds of paid collaborations. The most important aspect is that you need to sell yourself and show that you can offer the brand value. It wouldn’t make sense for them to give you free products or a free hotel stay if you can’t create buzz or business for them in exchange.

That’s why today’s blog post is all about writing successful pitches. This blog post will include the in’s and outs of how you should pitch yourself to brands, what to include and how to be persuasive. I even include an email template and the email I personally use and send to brands! I do get contacted directly for collaborations but I have pitched myself, especially at the beginning of my career, and 9 times out of 10 have landed a deal. This is the last part of my how to be a paid influencer blog post series. You can read part I “What Is an Influencer and How To Become one” and part II “How To Become A Paid Instagram Influencer” for the basics. Now let’s get into pitching to brands and landing those collaborations!

How to pitch yourself to brands and get paid collaborations

Media Kit

Let’s first start off talking about media kits. Media kits are a type of pitch but instead of writing out an email, your photo will have all the information. So, what exactly are media kits and why are they useful? They’re basically a resume but for bloggers and influencers. They include a little bit about yourself, social media links, demographics, and statistics. Your media kit doesn’t have to be long, in fact, I recommend only having one page. No brand is going to take the time to read a 10-page document. They are also very easy to make. There are many free templates and website but I made mine within minutes on Canva. It’s easy to use and free!

Now, I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t use a media kit every time I pitch myself to brands. I prefer to write out an email since I’ve been doing it for so many years and have a lot to say. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. On a few occasions, brands have asked me for one so it’s a good idea to have one ready. It’s also particularly good for new influencers who are trying to look more professional and get their foot in the door.

What to include:

  • About section
  • Follower demographics
  • Link to your social media accounts
  • Social media statistics and insights
  • Number of followers on each channel
  • Contact information
  • Photos, samples, testimonies *
  • Pricing *

I put a * next to the photos and pricing bullet because not everyone needs these. If you’re trying to make your media kit one page then samples and testimonies will be hard to fit. Instead, I recommend sending links to those through email. Also, I personally don’t include pricing because it gives me more room to negotiate. Sometimes brands value your work more than you and will offer you more than your usual rate. If you’re a very big influencer or blogger with set rates than you can add pricing.

Media Kit Examples:

So first I’m going to show you my media kit pictured below:

Media kit example for bloggers to pitch to brands

As you can see I have the basics and no pricing or testimonies and it’s only one page. Pretty simple and easy to read. Also keep in mind if you use a media kit you should be updating it every few months, just like you would with a resume. Now I’m going to introduce another media kit to you.

This one belongs to Jenna Kutcher, the queen of blogging in my opinion. Now her media kit is seven pages long and it’s beautiful and filled with great information. Like I mentioned earlier though I don’t recommend having a long media kit because most brands won’t go through it. BUT if you’re someone as big as Jenna and have taken over multiple social media sites, it makes sense for her. She probably gets hundreds of emails a day asking for collaborations so it makes sense for her to put all and any information in one spot and send it to brands. She has a big enough presence where brands will take the time to read it. So, if you’re someone with a million followers or just really want to make a multiple page media kit then I recommend following Jenna’s example.

Email Pitches

Now let’s get into my favorite type of way to contact brands- email pitches. This is when you don’t use a media kit and simply create a persuasive email encouraging a brand to work with you. This can seriously make or break you (not to be dramatic). But really, brands get thousands of offers daily so you need to stand out and be persuasive.

What to include:

  • Introduction
    Why are you reaching out?
  • Who you are
    What type of blogger are you? Which niche?
  • Why should they work with you
    Have you used the brand before? What are your favorite products?
  • Link to your social media
    Do you want to do a collaboration through Instagram or your blog? Both? Include that!
  • Statistics
    How many followers do you have? How many monthly readers?
  • Experience
    Who have you worked with in the past? Include examples and links!

Similarly to the media kit, I never mention pricing unless they ask first and so I will always have room to negotiate.

Brand Pitch Email Template:

“Hi [insert brand representatives name],
My name is [insert your name here] and I am reaching out to you in regards to a collaboration. I love [brands name here] and believe your products align well with my brand.

I am a [niche here] influencer and/or blogger with [number of followers or readers here]. You can find me at [social media site here]. I have experience working with [insert brands here]. You can find some of my past work [link here] and [link two here].

Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you,
[your name here]

My Personal Brand Pitch Email:

Hi Nicole,
My name is Zara and I am reaching out to you in regards to a collaboration. Most of my skincare routine consists of Mario Badescu products and I especially love the drying lotion! Your products align perfectly with my audience and I would love to feature them on my social media.

I am a lifestyle influencer with over 5k followers. You can find me at I also have experience working with Dunkin, Gillette, Daniel Wellington, Toms, Fresh Beauty, Boohoo, and many others! You can find some examples of my past work here and here.

Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you,

Things to consider:

Keep in mind, each email pitch should be personalized to the brand. You don’t want to forward the same email to 10 brands because that’ll be pretty obvious and not look good. The outline I provided is simply a starting point, it’s up to you to add the specifics. For example, if you’re willing to do a collaboration on multiple social media sites than include that. Lastly, you don’t want to tell a brand fluff. If you haven’t tried their products out don’t fake it and say you have. Simply state that you’ve always been interested in giving their products a try.

That’s it for this weeks blog post, I hope this series helped you guys out! If you have any questions or future blog post ideas make sure to comment them down below.

As always you guys can keep up with me on Instagram, I answer lots of questions on there and post blog updates. You can also subscribe to my newsletter below for updates and exclusive freebies! You can also check me out on Tiktok for other fun content.

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