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How To Work From Home During Coronavirus

With everything going on with Coronavirus our work environment is constantly changing and the future is unpredictable. Whether you’re an adult with a full-time job working from home or a college student trying to study at home, these tips are for you. So today’s blog post is all about how to be successful working from home!

working from home during coronavirus

1. Set Regular Work Hours

With working or taking classes from home comes flexibility. But with that, you want to make sure you have some sort of structure. If you typically work a 9-5 job, stick to that. Try not to change your schedule every day or work longer hours. You can do this by setting up a schedule and making to-do lists and sticking to it. If you guys want to read tips on increasing your productivity you can check out my last blog post here.

2. Dress The Part

I’m not saying you have to wear a suit or blazer at home while doing your work, but change out of the pajamas! Throw on some leggings or even comfortable loungewear. Trying to go about your day as you normally would is essential during quarantine. Yes things are different and it can be hard to do that but it’s important to have some structure. If you’re constantly working in your pajamas or in your bed it’s going to negatively affect your productivity in the long run.

3. Implement A Workout Routine

Take the time you would be using to commute to work and instead do an at-home workout. During quarantine, you want to make sure to keep your mind and body active. If you normally don’t work out or it’s not something you’re interested in, try meditation or yoga. You can find great and free videos on Youtube to follow along to.

4. Designate a Workspace

One of the hardest parts about working from home is keeping your home life and work-life separate. Most of us don’t have the luxury of having an at-home office so it’s important to find a spot in your house and make it your new office. All you really need is a desk and any equipment your job requires. When you’re at your desk stick to doing your work and when you’re done for the day leave that spot.

Also, your work spot does not have to be its own room, that’s not realistic for most of us. It can simply be one corner of your room. Try to associate that corner with your work life and the rest of your house as your home life. If you are using your personal computer for work as well make sure after the day is over to close all your work tabs. Small things like this can help differentiate between your home and workspace.

5. Communicate and Stay Connected

You aren’t seeing your co-workers or your boss daily so now is the time to increase communication. If your work relies on other people doing their part, plan everything ahead of time. Know who’s doing what and set deadlines. If expectations aren’t being met you need to set up a Zoom or other form of video call and talk things through. The same applies to your manager. If you aren’t able to get a task completed or need an extra piece of equipment to work from home make sure to let them know.

6. Plan Out Your Breaks

One plus side about working from home is that you can plan your breaks out and take multiple of them throughout the day. This can also be a bad thing if you don’t know how to take “good breaks.” Plan out your breaks but make sure they don’t last an hour. Use this time to stretch your legs, go talk to your family, or even scroll on social media. After your break is over, go back to your work.

7. Do Bigger Tasks When You’re Most Productive

Save your bigger or longer tasks for a time in your day where you’re the most productive. For me, this would be in the morning after I’ve had my coffee. But some people work better towards the end of their day so you know this best about yourself. When you figure out when you have the most energy and are the most focused, complete the hard work then. Use other times of the day when you might still be sleepy or out of energy from a long day to complete easier daily tasks.

8. Set Boundaries

This is easier said than done, especially if you live in a house with multiple people or if you have to work from home with kids. Try to set boundaries with the people in your house so they know what times you’re going to be working and they won’t distract you. Don’t let friends interrupt you by facetime calls or run errands in the middle of the workday. The more you act like you’re actually in the office, the better your focus will become.

9. Make a Realistic To Do List

Every morning, or even the night before, make a realistic and healthy to-do list. Plan out your day but don’t just put a bunch of tasks down that isn’t realistic to complete. What I like to do is see what tasks need to be done and roughly how long they take to complete. Then I add the most time-sensitive or important ones to the top of my list for the day and work my way down. You can even utilize time blocking if it fits into your work schedule!

10. Make Sure You Have Everything On Hand

Before you start working from home you must have all the equipment you need. Computers, headphones, video cameras, printers, extra monitors, etc. If you don’t have something specific for your job or it’s not working well make sure to tell your employer! They should be the ones paying for upgrades on software or anything extra that isn’t standard. Also, before starting your workday make sure your desk has all the small items you need so you don’t have to rummage through drawers.

Those are all my tips on how to successfully and effectively work from home during this pandemic. Have any other tips to help others out? Make sure to comment them down below!

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  1. This was very helpful! I’ve been getting antsy during the work day, and I’ve realized I need to plan breaks, create a workspace, and make time for exercise- even if it’s just walking down the block.

  2. Great points on how to work from home. The routine is definitely a big one!

  3. Sticking to my perfectly planned schedule was so hard at the beginning but with more breaks and “me” time I managed it! Thank you for these amazing tips!

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