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The Ultimate Guide To Creating a Media Kit

If you’re trying to make an income or get added to PR lists through your blog or Instagram, you need a media kit! If you’re a creator or influencer I’m sure you’ve heard all about media kits and how important they are. I’ve revamped my own recently and I’m obsessed with it if we’re being honest here. So I decided to make the ultimate guide on how to create a media kit!

how to create a media kit

What is a media kit?

Let’s start with the basics if you’re new to the influencer world. What exactly is a media kit? My favorite way to explain it is that it’s like a professional resume but for bloggers and influencers. However, I want to point out that a professional resume focuses on you as a person and what you’ve achieved. a media kit focuses more on your social media and what you’ve accomplished as a result of your blog or Instagram. So instead of telling your life story and skill set, you would talk about your Instagram statistics and brands you’ve worked with as a result of your social presence.

Why do I need one?

So, you know how you need to submit a resume to get an interview and eventually a job? Well, that’s pretty much how getting brand deals work. You need to pitch yourself in a concise and organized manner and a media kit is the best way to do that.

I have been a paid influencer for 8 years now and I only started using a media kit 3 years ago when I started taking my side hustle more seriously. if I could give one piece of advice it would be to have a media kit from the very beginning. It’s seriously made all the difference! Not only is it easy for me to respond back to brands with a PDF with all my stats and rates but it’s easy for brands to read and have on file. In the beginning, I used to have a one-page short one that was skimmable, and at the time that worked fine for me. However, ever since I graduated from college and have been focusing on social media more full time I have a lot more opportunities coming my way. So now I really do recommend having a multiple page media kit, especially if you have many years of experience. I’ll show you mine as an example later on in this blog post.

How do I make one?

You can make your own media kit on photoshop if you’re experienced with that but I simply use a Canva template! To find the exact one I use go to Canva and search “media kit” then select the “pineglasses” one. That’s the exact one I use but I did edit mine to fit my needs. People also sell templates on Etsy or their blogs but I do think having a template and just editing it to fit your brand works just fine.

What should my media kit include?

In this section, I’m going to break down everything your media kit should have + include examples of my own. Keep in mind everyone’s media kit will be a little different. This is just meant as a guide and you can alter your pages based on what experiences you have!

Cover page:

This is the first page of your media kit so you want to make it look pretty. I recommend adding a photo of yourself, your full name, the word “media kit” and your username. As for the photo I like choosing something that matches my aesthetic or even my brand. I choose this picture of my outfit in Soho because I do post a lot about fashion and I’m a New York-based blogger.

cover page

Demographics + statistics:

The second page should include a little bit about you and your main platform. I usually do sponsored work through my Instagram so I’m including stats from there. You can also make separate media kits for each of your social media.

ultimate guide to media kits

Include demographics such as age, gender, and location. In the about section, you can state things such as your age, location, niche, and any other experience. I also include my engagement rate and blog views, clickable links to my social media, and ways to contact me.

Past experiences:

This section is really important! If you have experience working with brands (even gifted collabs) make sure to include that. This is the best way to establish yourself and makes you credible. If you’re new and don’t have experience yet, you can skip this page. One piece of advice I would give to new influencers would be to accepted gifted collaborations. It’s hard to get paid when you don’t have experience working with brands. However, brands are more likely to gift you free products or add you to PR lists with a lower engagement rate/following. Once you have gained some experience you can add this page to your media kit and start charging!

media kits for bloggers

Content example and insight:

The fourth page should include screenshots of sponsored posts (or regular posts if you haven’t worked with brands yet) and insights on individual posts. I choose my ad for Amazon Prime student and Year Up and then included insight into 2 other posts. This is great because it shows brands your reach, # of saves, and shares. All things you can’t see just by looking at your posts and this helps show brands that you do have influence with your audience. The key to working with brands is being transparent and giving them this valuable insight is great at providing that transparency!

everything your media kit needs

Pricing and services:

The last page of your media kit should include all the services you offer. So do you do sponsored posts just through static Instagram posts or are you open to creating Reels and story posts? Make sure to include all that! Then include some prices of your most popular services. I will be doing a video on how much to charge on Tiktok in the future so make sure to follow me on there and look out for that.

free template

Those are all my tips and tricks to creating your media kit. Have any comments or questions? Make sure to comment them below!

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