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The Ultimate Guide To Using Hashtags On Instagram

If you’re on social media chances are you’ve already heard the importance of utilizing hashtags. They are the best way to gain exposure, increase your engagement rate, and in return increase followers! There was once a time I never used hashtags… shocking I know because now when you look at my posts I always use them! When I study my analytics I see such a drastic difference between how well my posts perform and how many followers I gain. With my hashtag strategy, I have up to 10,000 people seeing my posts, which is double my follower count! So, today’s blog post is all about how to find hashtags on Instagram and the strategy that’s been working super well for me.

hashtags on instagram

Why Are Hashtags Important?

Let’s start with the basics, why are hashtags important on Instagram and why should you use them? As I stated above it’s the best way to gain exposure to your account. The more people outside of your followers that see your content, the more chance you have at gaining new followers! There are millions of people on Instagram so you want to try your best to niche down your content as a blogger or influencer so you can use hashtags that make sense.

Think about it, how many times have you searched for something on Instagram to get more inspiration? How to wear a white t-shirt, how to gain followers, how to study for exams, etc. You want to make sure when people search up keywords they come across your posts and in return like your content and follow you. With a business or creators’ Instagram account you can study your analytics and see how many people followed you after coming across your post. The posts where I utilize my hashtag strategy perform better and gain the most followers over the ones I don’t take as much time researching the best tags to use.

Use Relevant Hashtags

This one’s super important guys, you want to make sure you are using hashtags that actually have to do with your picture. For example, if you post an outfit picture you want to use hashtags like #outfitinspo #fashionblogger #comfyclothes #streetstyle. Don’t use irrelevant hashtags about food or studying for exams when they don’t have anything to do with your photo or caption. Not only will people not follow you because your content isn’t what they’re looking for but Instagram will shadowban you. Shadowbanning is a whole other issue on its own but it’s basically when Instagram considers you a spam account or bot and temporarily doesn’t show your photo under any hashtags.

Where Do I Find Hashtags?

So to find hashtags it’s pretty simple, you just go to the search bar on Instagram and go to tags. Start typing in a word and you’ll see a bunch of similar hashtags under the “related” option. What I like to do is search a word, go to that hashtag and then find similar hashtags with the same exposure. I’ve attached a picture below to show you what I mean. I continue clicking on these hashtags until I get my perfect list! I also make sure to use brands and store hashtags. So if I have a post that is Liketoknow.it enabled I’ll make sure to use hashtags such as #rewardstyleblogger and #ltksalesalert. You can also use city hashtags so if you’re from Boston like me, tag your posts with #bostonblogger

Finding hashtags on instagram

Another tool you can use is a hashtag generator, I really love Displaypurposes. You simply type in some keywords and then the generator will give you the best hashtags similar to those. It takes out any shadowbanned or overused hashtags. However, I recommend using the generator and also manually searching. That just seems to work better for me and gives me more exposure!

My Hashtag Strategy

So I’ve found a strategy that has been working really well for me for months but keep in mind, what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. Use this as a guide and test out different methods to find your perfect strategy.

The key to hashtags is to have a mix, use some that are less popular, and some that are more. Why? Because if you only use hashtags with over a million posts already under it, the chances of your post being discovered is very slim. You also don’t want to use the same hashtags for every photo because it can come off as spammy and get your shadowbanned. However, you can reuse hashtags just make sure to do it every other post and include other new ones as well. You’re able to use a max of 30 hashtags on Instagram but I usually just do around 25. If you want to do more you can! I like to include 5 hashtags in my caption and 20 in the comments section so it doesn’t look cluttered. So this is my breakdown:

  • 10 hashtags between 500k-1 million posts
  • 10 hashtags under 500k posts
  • 2-3 above 1 million and 2-3 under 100k posts

Hashtag Examples By Niche

These are some of my favorite hashtags to use for each niche if you need a place to start! If you want more ideas you can check out the comments section on my Instagram and see what I use.

  • Fashion posts:

#comfyoutfit #casualstyle #streetstyle #datenightoutfit #classyoutfit #mystylediary #outfitideas #ootdfashion #affordablefashion #lookbook #whatiwore #petitefashion #fashiondiaries #styleinspo #styleblogger

  • Social media tips posts:

#socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips #influencermarketing #womeninbusiness #socialmediahacks #girlboss #bossbabe #marketingstrategies #goaldigger #beyourownboss #marketing101

  • Skincare posts:

#skincareroutine #skincaretips #clearskin #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #skinobsessed #skincarereview #skincareinfluencer #clearskintips

  • Food blogger posts:

#foodbloggers #foodbloggerfeed #foodbloggerlife #foodiefeature #foodblogfeed #foodiesofinstagram #foodie #bostonfoodies #nycfoodie

That’s all for todays blog post! If you guys have any other tips or questions on hashtags make sure to comment them down below!

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  1. Awesome blog! I will try to implement these strategies moving forward.

  2. Keena C says:

    Love all of these tips . Thank you .

  3. Interesting strategy! I’ve heard not to use the big tags because no one will see it. But that might also be old. I know I’m not getting much engagement with it. Thank you!

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